Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pinsoccer a soccer game with another flow...


Its a soccer game base on a real live game we used to play when we were kids... Its just a wood with nails on it and a coin that you have to push in order to get it on the opponent's goal line... Its fun and challenge cause you have to test your skills shooting angles to get a goal!!!!

You can challenge your device or your friend, what makes this game even more entertained. 
Update its on the way adding a time play and some achivements...
Have fun !!!



Some Reviews... all of the reviews r 5 stars...

Fun and Entertaining Game 
by Alex1963scoots on Dec 24, 2010 version 1.0
This gams is a cross between air hockey, bumper pool and soccer. Love it, !

by Lord Tarantor on Dec 21, 2010 version 1.0
Great way to combine the soccer with the pachinco. Super fun to play.

by Amco2010 on Dec 21, 2010 version 1.0
I love this game! Not only is fun to play but it brings great memories of my highschool years. I used to play the real game! ...and now on my Ipad! Great!

by Y.Z.S on Dec 19, 2010 version 1.0
This is a very fun game, I love it !!!!!
Easy to play but very entertaining.
Good fun! 

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